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Tips to consider while hiring a portaloo

Inadequate toilet facilities can spoil the mood of any party or event. Therefore, it is necessary that the toilets should be clean and functional. In case the gathering is big and you think the facilities at the venue are not proper, you should consider the option of a Portable Toilet Hire for the event.

While planning for the event, you should consider things like:

Duration of the event.

Consumption of fluid.

Number of people attending the event.

How many out of them are children or elderly people?

If the event is being organized in a location where toilet facilities are not available, or the guest number is too much, then you should consider the option of Toilet Hire. Outdoor events like film shoots, concerts or other live shows for sure lack in proper toilet facilities.

When we talk about mobile toilets, dirty lavatories, leaking taps and wet floors are the few things that come to our mind. But, the new Portaloo Hire are not at all like this. They are the ultimate luxury lavatories made while following highest hygiene standards and as per the demands of the users. You will find all the facilities that are present in your bathroom in these portable toilets. These will have hot water, tissue, soap in bar or liquid form, towels as well as a hot air dryer.

While renting one of these portable toilets, you should inquire if the toilet is regularly cleaned and disinfected to maintain proper hygiene standards. Ask the portaloo provider to fix air fresheners and mirrors for added luxury. It is important to have sufficient number of cubicles in the portaloo and if possible, separate sections for men, women & disabled. The size of every cubicle should be reasonable so that it doesn’t become suffocating for the user.

If the event will be lasting for 6 hours, you will require a minimum of two lavatories for hundred people and four for five hundred people. Such a figure will be lower for short duration event and might increase during the events where fluid consumption will be more.

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